1. General instructions
These general sale conditions (hereinafter “General Conditions”) are applied to all sale of products (hereinafter “Products” or “Product”) purchased at the Internet web site www.pietramontalcino.it (hereinafter “Site”).
Usage of the distance sale service described in these General Conditions is exclusively reserved for consumers (“hereinafter “Customers” or “Customer”), understood as individual persons acting for scopes other than any of own business, entrepreneurial or professional activities eventually performed.

The Customer is asked to carefully read the General Conditions at disposal on the Site for the purpose of said Customer to memorize and download a copy of the latter pursuant to art. 12 of decree law 9 April 2003, nr. 70.
Contracts concluded with Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto (as defined hereinafter) through the Site are governed by Italian law and in particular by Decree Law 6 September 2005, nr. 206 (“Code of Consumption”) and by Decree Law 9 April 2003, nr. 70 (hereinafter “Ecommerce Decree”).

2. Identity of Vendor
The Vendor is Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto - Podere Pietrafocaia 270A Montalcino (SI) - C.f. FRRRRT71L09F402O - P. I. 00813410529 (di seguito "Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto") .

3. Product-related infomrations
Information on Products liable to be sold at a distance through the Site is available in the Site with relative product codes.
The aforementioned information is provided in conformity to the Code of Consumption, articles 52 and 53.

4. Price
Prices of Products are understood as inclusive of all taxes and duties. All prices are quoted in Euro.

5. Order of Products
Essential details and prices of Products are specified in the offer for each Product.
To purchase the Product, Customers must fill in and send the online order form to Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto following the instructions given in the Site. The Customer must put the Product in its specific “trolley” and, after having taken note of the General Conditions, particularly in reference to the contribution towards delivery expenses and procedures for exercising right to recession and likewise the Privacy Policy, shall select the chosen terms of payment and select the “send order” option.The Customer may correct any errors in entering the data before placing their purchase order, by following the special modification procedure available in the Site. In particular it is within the faculty of the Customer to change the quantity of Products they intend to purchase, adding or eliminating one or more Products from the “trolley”.

In placing the order, the Customer acknowledges and states to have taken note of all the information provided for Customers during the purchase procedure and to have totally accepted the General Conditions.
The Customer will be able to view and follow up the status of their order through the “Orders” area in their account.Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto reserves the faculty to evaluate its acceptance of the orders received. Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto will notify the Customer of any impossibility to accept the received order within 48 hours as from the next working day following the one upon which the Customer had placed their order to Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto and shall refund any sums paid by the Customer against payment for the supply.

6. Terms of Payment
Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto accepts payments made at the following terms:
Immediate payment by credit card or Conto Paypal.

7. Acknowledgment of receipt of order
In conformity to provisions under Code of Consumption art. 53, the Customer receives by e-mailacknowledgement of receipt of order sent by the latter Customer, the moment the contract is concluded.

8. Ineffectiveness of order
No contract shall be understood as finalized between Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto and the Customer should Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto have justifiable grounds for deeming that the Customer is not operating on the basis of an authentic and effective interest in purchasing the ordered Products, or is exercising the right to recession. The order placed by the Customer shall be understood as devoid of effectiveness in said event. Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto will notify a communication to the Customer, via e-mail, certifying failure to conclude the Contract and will likewise provide for cancellation of all debits and/or expenses for Customer’s account.

9. Transport and delivery
Products purchased on the Site will be delivered to the address notified by the Customer. In any case the Customer has the right to request delivery of the Products to an individual person chosen by the latter with residence or domicile in the territory of one of the authorized countries.
Delivery shall be taken and signed by an adult over 18 years of age. No deliveries will be made to P.O. Boxes.
Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto will issue a goods delivered invoice if requested by email for each order evaded at the Site, forwarding it by e-mail or by post to the nominee in the order, pursuant to President of Republic Decree 445/2000 and Decree Law 52/2004. Information provided by the Customer upon placing the order will be held as valid to issue the invoice. No changes to the invoice are allowed once the latter has been issued.
Delivery expenses are charged to the Customer and are clearly specified both in the Site as well as in the order form. Relevant value depends on the total amount per single order.
Delivery expenses change in accordance with the country of destination, always given the above mentioned territorial limits.

All purchases will be delivered by courier service, with standard service and without notice of delivery,from Mondays to Fridays, excluding holidays and public holidays. Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto will not be held responsible for unforeseen delays.
Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto will update the status of the order on its own Site.

Deliveries are made within the span of 3 working days.

It is necessary for the Customer or assign to be present upon delivery of the goods at the address of the receiver notified in the order. Upon delivery of goods by the Courier, the Customer shall control correspondence of the number of parcels being delivered with the information given in the waybill and if the parcel is unharmed and in sound condition. Any damages to the parcel and/or Products or non-correspondence of number of parcels shall be immediately contested by writing control with reserve on the Courier’s note of delivery. The Customer may not lay any claims as to the outside appearance and the delivered parcel once the Courier’s document has been signed.

Should the parcel be returned to the address or stored as undelivered goods at the Courier’s premises then a sum of 20 Euro will be debited against the expenses for said storage charged by the Courier to us. If, for any reason beyond our control, the Customer should not be traceable upon delivery, then said Customer may contact the local offices of the Courier to make arrangements for another delivery or to collect the parcel at the latter premises.

Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto will be held free from financial commitments for parcels left in storage at the Courier. Customers having been unable to make arrangements locally for another delivery or to collect the parcel from the UPS premises will take upon themselves the responsibility of completing said delivery. Should the Courier return the parcel to Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto owing to Customer’s failure to collect the latter, said Customer will be contacted for possible re-delivery with request to be refunded with any storage expenses as well as delivery expenses born or to be born (re-delivery to Customer). Should it not be in the intentions of the Customer to fulfil commitments of payment against expenses born by Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto or should the latter fail to get in touch to make arrangements or fail to respond to the e-mail from Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto with request to refund expenses born, within a reasonable period of time of 7 (seven) days, then Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto will keep the uncollected goods due to default of the latter Customer.

10. Errors
Information on Products provided in the Site is continually updated. It is however impossible to guarantee being completely devoid of errors
.Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto reserves the right to correct the errors, mistakes or omissions even after an order has been placed and likewise to change or update the information at any time without notice.

11. Applicable law and jurisdiction
These General Conditions are governed by Italian law and shall be interpreted in conformity to Italian laws.

Disputes arising from the interpretation, validity and/or execution of the General Conditions hereto will be deferred to the sole jurisdiction of the Montalcino(SI) law courts.

12. Contacts
Please write to the following e-mail address for any further information: info@pietramontalcino.it