• Delivery Cost

The delivery cost will be calculated by system

• Delivery Time

The delivery time depends of the order requested from customer and of the delivery selected. The delivery time are not mandatory from our Society.Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto Shipping

• Transport cost
The cost of transportation will be 'calculated by the system

• Delivery Time
The timing of delivery of goods ordered may vary by the kind of goods purchased (eg. If the goods are available at the manufacturer) and by the delivery method chosen. The times given for delivery are indicative.
Here's the calculation that we apply:
Goods Availability + transport time = total time of delivery
Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto expeditions03= uses couriers / carriers conventioned that offer the best service / cost to the destination concerned: this allows us to offer to our customers the best combination of delivery service and cost.

Japan: shipment maximum 12 bottles each time. Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zeland, Australia, Iceland, South Africa shipment maximun 24 bottles each time. Taiwan, South Korea shipment maximum 6 bottles each time. Canada shipment maximum 36 bottles.

• Goods Reception
Upon delivery of the goods the customer is required to check:
- That the number of packages delivered is as specified in the transport document
- The packaging is intact and not altered even in the closing strip
In case of tampering and / or breaks the customer will immediately challenge the shipment and / or delivery by adding the words "subject to control GOODS FOR ....."( indicate motivation) on the delivery document received by courier or other operator.
The customer then must report any damage within 3 days of receipt of goods in the manner prescribed by the operator undertaking the expedition.
If the order is returned toAzienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto by courier / carrier because of a wrong address provided by the customer or end deposit time in the warehouses of the courier / carrier, or for any other reason attributable to the negligence of the customer, a new shipment will be possible upon payment of the relative fee via a link will be provided to the customer for payment with credit card, or alternatively by bank transfer or even PayPal.
In no case will be possible to make deliveries by appointment, at predetermined times or days.

Return Policy
The return-right is regulated by law and the client-consumer (ie an individual who buys goods for purposes not related to his professional activity) is entitled to terminate the contract for any reason. To exercise this right, the customer must send a notice Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto via registered letter within 10 working days with effect from the date of delivery of goods.
Note: They can not exercise the right to cancel customers who purchase with VAT

• Mode of Return
The right of return is subject to the following conditions:
The purchased goods must be undamaged and returned in its original packaging, complete in all its parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessory equipment: manuals, cables, etc.).
The expedition, until the certificate of receipt in our warehouse is under the complete responsibility of the customer;
Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto . does not respond in any way for damage or theft / loss of goods returned by uninsured shipments.

• Goods return delivery
The product will be returned to Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto within 14 days along with the authorization form received.
Notwithstanding any repair costs for damages assessed packing original Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto will refund the customer the entire amount already paid for the product. The refounded amount will be exclusively that of the products ordered while the cost of the original shipment will be retained by the customer except in cases in which problems relating to the shipment have occurred. The refund will be made within 14 days of the return of the goods, by means of a reversal of the amount charged to the credit card or by bank transfer. In latter case, the Buyer shall deliver promptly to the bank on which to obtain reimbursement (IBAN code of the customer).

• When the return-policy is not valid
The return policy is not valid when lack of the essential integrity of the property (package and / or its contents), in cases Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto finds:
- Use (even partial) of the goods and any supplies
- The absence of the outer packaging and / or package, original interior;
- The lack of integral elements of the product (accessories, cables, manuals, parts, ...);
- The damage of the product for reasons other than its transport


Follow these simple instructions to perform a change/refound request:

1.Sign in your profile, go to “Orders state”, click on Order number and select “Refound” button.
2.Select the items, the quantity and the reason to change/refound.
3.Click Confirm.
4.Print the label and the authorization.
5.Prepare the package and insert the authorization inside.
6.Paste the label in the package.
7.Send the package.Azienda Agricola Ferretti Roberto